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New Feature

We've completely updated our announcements section of AZ Musicians and we're thrilled with it now! It's easier for you to access and see information and it's easier for us to add it.


We've also added a roadmap so you can see what we're working on. Currently, there are the following sections: Under Consideration, Planned, In Progress, and Live.


You can also view ideas, vote on them, and submit your own if you'd like.


As of now, you do need to sign up in order to vote, comment, or create items, but we're planning on adding SSO (single sign-on) in the near future. That would allow you to be logged into both areas using the same credentials.



We've also been exploring community features lately. We've known for a while that we've wanted to add a community area to AZ Musicians, but we want it to be more modern and also be integrated well into the site. We've currently narrowed it down to two options and hope to have this feature launched soon as well.