New updates and improvements to AZ Musicians

  1. Announcements, Ideas, our Roadmap, and Community

    New Feature

    We've completely updated our announcements section of AZ Musicians and we're thrilled with it now! It's easier for you to access and see information and it's easier for us to add it.

    We've also added a roadmap so you can see what we're working on. Currently, there are the following sections: Under Consideration, Planned, In Progress, and Live.

    You can also view ideas, vote on them, and submit your own if you'd like.

    As of now, you do need to sign up in order to vote, comment, or create items, but we're planning on adding SSO (single sign-on) in the near future. That would allow you to be logged into both areas using the same credentials.


    We've also been exploring community features lately. We've known for a while that we've wanted to add a community area to AZ Musicians, but we want it to be more modern and also be integrated well into the site. We've currently narrowed it down to two options and hope to have this feature launched soon as well.

  2. New Updates 3/19/21


    We’ve been busy lately. Here are some of the most recent changes.

    - Added a much better musician pricing page, which also includes a detailed plan comparison.

    - Added a much better business pricing page.

    - Added a much nicer news area on the site versus the standard blog style. We’re still tweaking a few things for various screen sizes but we’re happy with it. We also added some new content.

    - Added about 30 new businesses to the site over the past week as well.

    - Added a new Help section to the site and a widget as well. We also switched from Freshdesk to a much better option for us.

    - Wrote a very detailed article and review of our experience with Freshdesk. Let’s just say that we weren’t happy with them at all. The article was released last night and has already received quite a bit of traffic. If interested, stay tuned to that page for an update in the next few days as well.

    - Made some other minor tweaks and changes as well, preparing for some new features.

    We’re continuing to work on a new feature for you guys.

    Have fun!

  3. Updates 3/08/21


    Here’s some item we’ve been working on and some changes for the past week.

    - Added a better account section for musician profiles, songs, and business pages. Items are now in tabs and much less crowded.

    - Changed the homepage design.

    - Fixed Safari bug with the music player.

    - Added Resource categories for repairs and DJs.

    - Added a media player for videos on musician profiles.

    - Updated some Javascript and SQL queries

    - We also began working on a new feature today.

    Have fun!

  4. New Songs Feature and More

    New Feature

    We just released a new songs feature that we’re really excited about. You can read all about it here:

    We’ve also worked on the following things:

    - Fixed forgot password bug. Link was redirecting to the same page.

    - Sped the site up by adding faster storage and also a CDN in time for the new songs feature.

    - Updated the musician profiles to allow for the new songs feature and basically gave them a bit of a facelift.

    - Made it so songs can also use BOOST. Will be working on implementing that better throughout the site and making it really cool for the blog as well.

    - Started mapping out our next feature.

    Have fun!

    Add a Song

  5. Seeking Musicians Update


    ALL musicians on the site will have the ability to add an optional contact form on their profile so that all other logged-in members can contact them. That’s been the case since the launch but now ALL musicians will be able to post to the seeking area for free as well.

    Learn More

  6. Update 2/15/21


    We’ve made some nice improvements this past week.

    Bug fixed: Enter key stopped working with search forms and this is now fixed

    After validating email addresses, users are now automatically logged in and the signup process and musician profile process is much smoother.

    We’ve updated the seeking page a bit as well.

    Instruments were added to the musicians page as well as the search and filtering results.

    The contact form now has some extra data to make the experience better.

    We also added the share profile feature to all musician accounts, free and PRO.

    We’re also looking into letting musicians add some tracks to their profiles. We’re still slightly torn between Apple, Spotify, and our own independent solution. Spotify could be implemented in probably less than an hour but users would need an account to listen to the tracks in their entirety. Apple could be implemented quickly as well but we’re not thrilled with their current ‘what can you do for us’ approach. We’re actually leaning towards our own indie solution at this time but we’re remaining open.

    Have fun!

  7. We’ve updated the account page again and have it pretty close to the way we want for now. We’ll be adding a few tweaks here and there but we like the look much better now and hope you do too!

    We also placed the updates in a much better spot as well. The megaphone on the bottom of the account page will show how many updates there are and this should definitely help with the communication process. We want to keep you informed.

    We’re also looking into making it so your music can be on your profiles. That way, you won’t have to click off the site to check out music from each other.

    We’re receiving some nice feedback and we want you to know we’re listening. Enjoy!

  8. A Better View


    Spent the day working on a few items and plan on continuing to make the account page better as well but here are the items taken care of today.

    - Improved Account page by adding profile settings with a better view and made it easier to access.

    - Improved contact forms

    - Fixed issue on business page for logged-out users not seeing bookmark or review buttons.

    - Fixed issue on musician profile for session work link if info is filled out.

  9. Login or Register


    Conflicting plugin issue was preventing a message to users who did not verify their email initially and then logged out. The issue is now fixed and improvements were made as well.