New updates and improvements to AZ Musicians

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Update 2/15/21


We’ve made some nice improvements this past week.


Bug fixed: Enter key stopped working with search forms and this is now fixed


After validating email addresses, users are now automatically logged in and the signup process and musician profile process is much smoother.


We’ve updated the seeking page a bit as well.


Instruments were added to the musicians page as well as the search and filtering results.


The contact form now has some extra data to make the experience better.


We also added the share profile feature to all musician accounts, free and PRO.


We’re also looking into letting musicians add some tracks to their profiles. We’re still slightly torn between Apple, Spotify, and our own independent solution. Spotify could be implemented in probably less than an hour but users would need an account to listen to the tracks in their entirety. Apple could be implemented quickly as well but we’re not thrilled with their current ‘what can you do for us’ approach. We’re actually leaning towards our own indie solution at this time but we’re remaining open.


Have fun!