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New Updates 3/19/21


We’ve been busy lately. Here are some of the most recent changes.


- Added a much better musician pricing page, which also includes a detailed plan comparison.


- Added a much better business pricing page.


- Added a much nicer news area on the site versus the standard blog style. We’re still tweaking a few things for various screen sizes but we’re happy with it. We also added some new content.


- Added about 30 new businesses to the site over the past week as well.


- Added a new Help section to the site and a widget as well. We also switched from Freshdesk to a much better option for us.


- Wrote a very detailed article and review of our experience with Freshdesk. Let’s just say that we weren’t happy with them at all. The article was released last night and has already received quite a bit of traffic. If interested, stay tuned to that page for an update in the next few days as well.


- Made some other minor tweaks and changes as well, preparing for some new features.


We’re continuing to work on a new feature for you guys.


Have fun!